Walz Solutions shows new DTF technology at PSI Fan Corner

Julia Bernert

Published on 21.12.2022

The emerging technology of the DTF printing process is currently whirling up the textile finishing industry. The Walz Solutions company will be demonstrating the innovative process at the “Fan Corner” special area at PSI from January 10 to 12, 2023.

DTF printing is like a jack-of-all-trades that combines many of the advantages of textile printing: printing full-color motifs for individual items or very small series in a digital process on film and then transferring them to T-shirts – without the inconvenience of weeding and without the time-consuming print preparation previously known from screen printing.

At PSI from January 10 to 12, 2023, the German Walz Solutions GmbH will showcase the Compact II system with a print width of 30 cm in the PSI Fan Corner area in Hall 10.

Krefeld-based Walz Solutions GmbH is the sales and service partner for the DTF systems of Kaarst-based X-tec Systems – two companies from North Rhine-Westphalia that combine their expertise. Behind them are Berthold Rademacher and Dieter Rath, two long-time experts in digital textile printing who founded their company in April 2022. Rademacher held management positions in IT and marketing at Brother Industriemaschinen from 1986, and from 2005 he moved to product management, sales and service for the DTG division at Brother, and finally to Brother sales partner Walz Solutions (formerly Walz GmbH). Dieter Rath has been active in the textile trade and finishing sector since 1989 as managing director of Deratex GmbH in Kaarst. As a user of digital printing technologies, he is particularly familiar with the needs of print stores. The current trend topic of Direct to Foil (DTF for short) has prompted the two long-time business partners to found X-tec Systems GmbH in order to promote DTF printing in particular in a professional manner.

DTF systems Piccolo, Zyklop II and Compact II

The textile finishing market is currently looking for reliable machine solutions that run in daily use. Therefore, from the very beginning, we have focused on our own solutions that are CE and E-Check certified and approved according to VDE with regard to product safety,” explains Berthold Rademacher. The range includes the Piccolo machines with a printing width of 300 mm and Compact II with widths of 300 to 330 mm (on a 40 cm roll). The names of the two systems are program, so Piccolo stands for a small machine that prints with CMYK and white. After powdering and removal of the granulate residues, the roll material is dried and rolled up. The third system is the Zyklop II machine.

For production, however, Rademacher and Rath unreservedly recommend the Compact II industrial machine, which performs the entire process of printing, glue application, drying and rewinding in a closed, compact and fully automated system. This system will be in live operation at PSI on the Walz Solutions stand in Hall 10. X-tec Systems sources the basis for this printing press from the Far East, but the machines are completely reworked, assembled and upgraded with innovative printing, transport and adhesive technology in Kaarst.

Print head technology from Epson

The printing systems are each equipped with two Epson XP600 print heads with so-called anti-collision protection, and printing is done with water-based pigment inks. The interaction of inks, films and adhesive enables the production of durable transfers that can be washed at up to 60 degrees. This makes the DTF systems suitable not only for classic applications in the advertising sector, but also for sportswear and workwear with high demands.

X-tec’s sales program is complemented by consumables such as inks, films and adhesive granules, as well as transfer presses.

Photo (c) X-tec